Bunker Sim Expedition System


First of all, thank you again for such a good greenlight campaign! Now, being underground is great and all, but what about the wasteland outside? Surely you can’t be the only ones left. In the last weeks I focused my attention on the expedition system. It still needs some love, but it is far enough …

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Milestone 2: Unit Controls

Day/Night cycle

    Recently most of my efforts have been concentrated on one subject: controls. Unit controls are very important because it’s your main way of interacting with the game. I am inspiring myself from popular games like starcraft or age of empire. Right clicking will move your units, left click will deselect or confirm a …

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Watch towers


Watch towers and general unit mounting is done! It was a bit complicated because I had to split the building’s assets in two parts: foreground and background. The way it is now it will be very easy to add more buildings in the future. Here is a screenshot of what the game looks like at …

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Hunting & Gathering


Hunting and gathering is in. Workers assigned to a certain farm will keep working on animals from that farm. Workers are also able to hunt wild animals as they flee for their lives. I also started adding agressive animals such as the giant spider, which attack you but still wield resources. Some animals, such as …

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House of Wolves II: Age of Dawn


The Age of Dawn has begun… It’s a century before the events of Lord Vilereck. Your ancestor’s land is invaded by the Grand Desert of Malabhi. Crops wither, people are dying of starvation, and resources are exhausted. Most stay and blindly hope for change, starving and fighting for the remains. Hoping against hope, the most …

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