Hunting & Gathering

Hunting and gathering is in. Workers assigned to a certain farm will keep working on animals from that farm. Workers are also able to hunt wild animals as they flee for their lives. I also started adding agressive animals such as the giant spider, which attack you but still wield resources. Some animals, such as elementals, will wield other resource types. Imagine a level where you need to hunt down a golem to get the gold you need to build or research further.

A preview of the action bar, used to control selected units and buildings in the game.
Workers, gathering wood and food.
A large group of giant spiders attacking a bunch of wizards. Legend says fire is the best answer in these situations ;)
A busy day!

Next will be mounting units inside structures!
(these watch towers will have a background part)

After that, recruiting and building from the action bar!

I’ll leave you with this screenshot:

A large raid from the wildlings ( click to view full size )
A large raid from the wildlings ( click to view full size )


    • louissi says:

      Yes, I still have quite a lot of assets for it! I might make a small arena game where you fight increasingly smart and difficult enemies. The multiplayer part would come later though.

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