Milestone 2: Unit Controls



Recently most of my efforts have been concentrated on one subject: controls.

Unit controls are very important because it’s your main way of interacting with the game. I am inspiring myself from popular games like starcraft or age of empire. Right clicking will move your units, left click will deselect or confirm a prompt, etc. I already had a formation system and some pathfinding in place, but I needed to push the AI further and finish all the actions units can do in the game. While I was at it IĀ also added a lot of random improvements.

Here is the complete list:

  • Around a 100 new sounds (!!!)
  • Fog of war ( this one was a big one )
  • Action bar for units and buildings
  • Unit recruiting from buildings
  • Unit queue of buildings on HUD
  • Hunting and Ressource gathering for settlers
  • New AI actions such as “escaping” for animals
  • Mounting units inside structures and attacking from them
  • 4 new tree variations
  • Re-animated catapult
  • Build menu for units that can build
  • Better targetting, units respond better to incoming attacks
  • Better squad position system ( right click and drag to spread the formation)
  • Portrait and name display
  • Resources and cost display
  • Population cap based on buildings
  • Better targetting of structures (walls are always chosen last)
  • Custom cursors
  • Unit selection
  • Day / Night cycle
  • Lights on buildings
  • + a lot of bug fixes and general code cleaning.

Next will be more map editor features and scenarios!
I am leaving you with those screenshots:

The new Fog of War
The new Fog of War
Tiles data used by the pathfinding
Tiles data used by the pathfinding
Day/Night cycle
Day/Night cycle
Preparing for battle
Preparing for battle
Recruiting units
Recruiting units

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